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Full text of "Deed, Luman Pease to Israel Morton, 1836"

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Ko «U ueopie to mm «jc»e pvmnts smi tome; greeting 
-«.NOW YE, THAT J X^^^^ /£^ ^ ^^...jZlu, <Z^;:if yJK^^^j. 

^^TT^^ ^ ^^^^^ z'^i' 



""^t^'^t ^ 

For and in consideration of the sum of ^^2^^ , ^ i5^-^-^ fr^ ^-W^/lW- cT^" 

4eUa«s, current money of the Commonwealth aforesaid, to ^^-^ in baruT^ 

paid before the enseahng thereof, bv ,jS ^ ^ -r— v -^^ ^ -^ ^ y ^ - - -^ 

the receipt whereof ^ do hereby acknowledge, and ^^i fu|j- 
satisfied, contented, and paid; Have given, granted, bargained, sold, alien- 
ed, released, conveyed, and confirmed, and by these presents, do freelv 
clearly, and absolutely give, grant, bargain, sell, alien, release, convey and 
conhrm unto L,^-,^^ (he said ^ a j > 1,„;^. i ■ 

forever »^'-*^ ^4^ lieirs and assigns 


^7 « 



(P^^^ cM^ ^ A/$. ^'^-^ u^--b4 

V To HAVE AND TO HOLD, the before granted jfremises, wifti the appurte- 
nances and privileges thereto belonging, to ^,^ _. the said Xl^ 

„ I. fl. AX.U It ^""^ ""'"S"' = *° -^ a"d their own proper 

use, benefit and behoof forevermore. And ^ the said .£^1^ 

-y^H heirs, executors, and administrators, do covenant promlsT 

and grani unto, and with the said .^>.,.^ _, ^ . heirs and 

assigns forever, that before d*»d. until the ense^ing thereof, > ^^._tlie true 
sole, proper and lawful owner , and possessor of the before granted premis- 
es with the appurtenances. And ha*tin ,^ good right, full power 
and lawful authority to give, grant, bargain, sell, alien: release, convey and 
confirm the same as aforesaid ; and that free sftid clear and freely and clear- 
ly, executed, acquitted and discharged of and from all former and other eifts 
grants, bargms, sales leases, mortgages, wills, entails, jointures, do^^Tics,' 
thirds, executions, and encumbrances whatsoever. 

And furthermore, J the said -X-*^«^^ 
dn hpr«K^ f"'" '^^^^-"^heirs, executors and administrators, 

telJr.* 'F'''^''^ ^"^ '"SIge the before granted premises, with 

the appurtenances unto the said ^ .,,, f 

in rnro,.,.-,,,* ^ J J i- 1 . ^^ ^^'""^ ^"<i assigns forever, 

ZZZ ' '"'^'^ f '^ '^"^'"'^ "S."'"'* *h^ '^^'"1 ^'^i»« °r demands of aiw 
person or persons whatsoever. In witness whereof j / 

have hereunto set -m- hand and seal this ^v''^'^ dav nf ^^'^^""'^ ^-^ 

m the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hu/dred and 3i 

^tgned, sealed, and delivered \ ^ ,M^^ p^,^ ^u. A^-^-"-^ 
in presence of S P^^ i. L^^ L^^^^ 

(if<>;^z-i4.^:^L, ..^ - ''H^Kte'lo>c£t' 


/lia^^j J^< 

'et^M . 


'i' . 

iPtfAtn instrument hy /^« subscribed, to oe /^^^ j 

Before me, 

^*;/^^<-r,^^-^'^^-^ (//^r«/-/xvyi^ Ji/sijce o///'e Fcaee,. 

Franklin, ss. Heedved 
Megistered in Book JVTj. 


185 . 

, and tompared hy 


^« *^^ \ , 

* \